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Our Unique Approach to Family-Centered Care

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist for your child instead of a general family Dentist?

Pediatric dentists have an additional 2-3 years of education beyond their 4 years of dental school. By completing this intensive and selective training program, pediatric dentists are well equipped to treat all children, including children with special health care needs or medically compromising conditions. In addition, they have advanced training in sedation techniques including oral sedation, IV sedation, and in-hospital general anesthesia techniques that allows them to treat children with severe early childhood caries, growth and development disturbances, or infants that may require laser frenectomy release. Dr. Waters is also a Board certified PD which means that she voluntarily completed two rigorous examinations following her residency program to become Board Certified.

Why We are Different than your typical pediatric office.

We believe that by working together with our families to educate both parent and child on the importance of good oral health, we can help to create and maintain optimal dental health and overall well-being throughout their lives. Parents are invited to experience the dental visit together with their child, no matter their age. There are always some circumstances where a child may cooperate better for our team with parental absence, then that will be discussed ahead of time and the parent is allowed to make that choice. We value that trust that you place in us in caring for your little ones, and want to create positive outcomes together in a team environment.